Changing Trends for Unique Wedding Bands

The fourth proximal digit of the human hand is more popularly referred to as the ring finger. Before the advancement of medical science, it was believed that a vein ran directly from this finger to the human heart. Because of this imagined concept connecting the hand with the heart, the Latin name of the nonexistent vein was vena amoris. Both popularity and sentiment behind wedding rings cannot be denied at any cost. Prominence of the special piece of jewelry is not limited across the Western society alone. Thanks to Hollywood movies, the entire world is accustomed to the charm and the sentiment surrounding wedding bands these days.

According to history, wedding rings are in use for the last several thousands of years! The earliest ring that has been excavated till date is in a tomb in Egypt. Interestingly, a wedding band symbolizes never-ending love and the eternal bonding existing among couples. It was believed that eventually the early Romans succumbed to the culture of wearing wedding rings. It is also believed that engraving these rings to make them more personal started at the hands of the Romans as well. Gradually, the culture was passed-on to Christians. It is amusing to mention here that the special piece of jewelry used to be highly decorated. Perhaps, the more decorated it was, more love it symbolized. Gradually, the Church denounced the practice of wearing wedding rings.

As a result of this admonishment, the bands became simplified once again. It was the two back to back World Wars in the last century that renewed the popularity of wedding bands across the society. Young men who were away from home for years together fighting the enemy, obviously, missed their spouses. Thus, to remind them of their dear ones back home they started sporting this especial band. Gradually, as the devastating wars ended, peace and tranquility restored and soldiers returned home. It was at this stage when the craze of sporting wedding rings was picked up by the civilian community. Thus, the ancient culture survived across the ages to this date.

Moving away from the conventional, a unique range of wedding bands for men made from metals like tungsten and titanium, etc. is steadily gaining prominence these days. This variety of merchandise is much reasonably priced as compared to those made of precious metals like gold and silver. Moreover, these new age rings possess a unique natural shine and that glitter lasts a lifetime.

Especially, tungsten is an exceptionally sturdy metal and jewelry made from it never undergoes dents and scratches resulting from regular wear and tear. In other words, tungsten ornaments are ideal for them who are involved in sports and other outdoor activities round the year. Considering the unbelievable commercial prospect of tungsten wedding rings, a number of reputed jewelry houses are dealing with the assortment of merchandise. These jewelers steadfastly offer superior quality of merchandise based on latest innovative designs. Most of these retailers conduct online business and cater to a surging customer base through their respective electronic shopping outlets.