Male Wedding Rings – Changing Views Over Time

Most women look forward to the day that they will begin wearing a wedding ring. Not only do women enjoy showing off the beautiful ring, but the ring itself brings on new feelings. For example, a woman may begin to experience stability and comfort when she sees the ring on her finger, because the ring symbolizes that she is in a committed relationship. Although women in general have a lot of positive views about wearing a wedding ring, men do not always share the same feelings when it comes to male wedding rings.

Since women are typically the ones that wear jewelry, rings have often been stigmatized as being feminine in the Western society. Men often think that by wearing a ring, you are reducing yourself as a man. Much of this idea is the result of male wedding rings being very new in the Western society. Previously, this Western culture did not make use of jewelry for men.

Around the time of World War II, male wedding rings became much more popular. This was due to soldiers using them as a comforting symbol of what they were fighting for. Knowing that a loved one was back home waiting for them made it much easier for the men to survive the harsh conditions of the war.

Seeing soldiers wearing male wedding rings allowed men to feel much more comfortable with the idea of wedding rings for men. Suddenly there was less stigmatization about the rings being feminine. Now men could be proud to wear the rings and proud of what the male wedding rings symbolized.

Another reason that many men have had difficulty with the idea of wearing male wedding rings is because of what the ring symbolizes. Men typically have a hard time with making a commitment in a relationship. The ring is a constant reminder to the men that they must be committed to their marriage. It is not so much that men are afraid of cheating on their wives, but rather commitment in general is often a scary concept to them.

Some men have a fear of wearing a wedding band ring because they are concerned about it causing a danger. For example, in carpentry and other work, the ring can begin to hurt your finger if you will be using your hands quite a bit. In jobs where the man is at high risk for injury, there have been situations where rings have been smashed on the finger and the only way to remove them has been to cut the ring. Since there is much danger in losing the finger, it may be better not to wear a ring during this type of work.

No matter what your fears may be about wearing male wedding rings, consider sharing them with your spouse or future-spouse. You may be able to come up with a compromise in only wearing the ring at certain times, or you may lose your fears all-together just by talking about them.