Wedding Date Dilemma – Marrying a Military Man on Leave For the Holidays

If you’re one of the thousands of women engaged to a military man, you may be faced with an unusual dilemma – the inability to preplan your wedding date too far in advance.
What’s worse is that many of our soldiers serving in Iraq and other places around the globe only come home for the holidays – a time when wedding guests might want to be celebrating with their own clan on your exact wedding date.

As the bride and hostess, you want to take your guests into consideration. But ultimately, if you don’t want to wait until your soon-to-be groom is retired from the armed forces, you may have some tough decisions to make regarding your wedding date.

If your fiancé is home over the Christmas holidays, you might be trying to decide how a wedding date close to Christmas or close to New Years will affect your guest list. Look at it from the other person’s point of view.

The days leading up to Christmas are usually quite hectic for many people. There are last-minute gifts to buy, meals to plan and purchase, and trees to pick out and trim. So a wedding date right before Christmas may be more of a burden than a blessing for many guests to consider, especially if they’re coming in from out of town.

A wedding date close to New Years, however is more flexible. The most people usually do to get ready for New Years is buy a new outfit and determine which party they plan to attend. Even if they attended your wedding on the 28th or 29th, there’s still plenty of time to fly home and get ready for New Years without interruption.

Another thing to consider in regards to your wedding date is that on New Years, many wedding guests will be spending time with friends and acquaintances. But the Christmas holiday is geared more towards close family, so your guests won’t mind missing a New Year’s celebration as much as a Christmas get-together, if they plan to fly in and stay over the New Year’s holiday.

Your job as the bride and groom is to first take your own marriage plans into consideration. If you can only get married December 22nd, and your fiancé is set to re-deploy right after Christmas, then you may have to choose a wedding date where you celebrate with fewer guests. Although heart-wrenching, your guests will understand and support your decision.

Or, if you’ve always dreamed of having the perfect wedding with everyone involved, you may have to postpone your wedding date – but do so with the knowledge that you can’t predict your fiancé’s military future with the ability to pinpoint a wedding date in advance.

Another vital consideration for women engaged to a military man – look into wedding insurance. You never know what world events may turn your fiancé’s leave upside down and cause your wedding date to be postponed without your knowledge far enough in advance to work out a deal with vendors – and you don’t want to lose your deposits.

Look to your future wedding date with excitement and joy knowing you’ll soon have the honor of marrying an honorable military man! Try not to get stressed about who will or won’t be able to attend. The life the two of you have chosen is certain to be filled with unexpected twists and turns in scheduling and this is the first of many planning decisions you’ll face.

Tips and Ideas For Do it Yourself Wedding Party Favors

Numerous brides these days are electing to make homemade party favors for a range of reasons. Some elect to make their own wedding favors to save money. Others decide on the do-it-yourself wedding party favor since it gives them a way to express their creativity and is much more personal than store bought favors. No matter what the reason is, making your own party favors is an unforgettable and an entertaining adventure.

Typically, making wedding favors isn’t a last minute task. To avoid feeling frustrated and have some fun doing it, make plans ahead of time. Determine what favor you’ll make and then shop around for good prices. You can find do it yourself wedding supply items at craft stores for low prices. Bridal shower supplies can also be found online. You will need to allow more time for the items to ship. Shop after holidays, such as Valentine’s Day for hearts and other romantically inspired supplies.

Since you are fashioning your own wedding party favors, you want to decide on something that will reflect your personality or a hobby. Be sure to consider the information or message you want to convey to guests at your party. Is the wedding going to be black tie or more casual? Answering these questions could help you get a wonderful gift to make for your wedding guests. To make the party favors even more personalized, think about making a wedding favor tag. These can be created on your PC and attached to the wedding party favors.

When finding the best wedding favor to make, think about your talents. Do you enjoy sewing? Pillow sachets make lovely wedding party favors and will be easy to make. Really the only things you’ll require are your preference of material or cloth (often satin), lavender or potpourri sachets to fill them and sewing accessories. With a little bit of assistance, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous sachet for your wedding guests to use in their bureau drawers, closets or vehicles. Check out the following article on how to make sachets.

With a lot of families having family members overseas, cards for the troops is a great party favor idea. Give envelopes that are addressed to a soldier and blank notecards instead of party favors. Wedding guests make out notes of thanks to the troops and then the letters can be mailed. You’ll need to contact the local military office to secure names of servicemen for this little project. This really is an ideal idea if you or some of your guests have family in the military.

Holiday wedding themes make it very easy to create do it yourself favors. Pick a motif that will fit the holiday or time of year. Smaller pine trees can be embellished for weddings that take place in the Christmas season. The tiny trees can be given to decorate guests’ homes around the season. You might make caramel apples for weddings in the fall. Put finished apples in clear bags with a ribbon that suits the theme of the wedding. Cinnamon and apple spiced tea bags can be used for weddings in fall too. Make a personalized wedding label with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

British Royal Wedding – What Flowers Should a Princess Carry in Her Bridal Bouquet?

There are few events which inspire a sense of romance and intrigue as much as a Royal wedding. The upcoming British Royal nuptials mark an historic occasion which has the entire world hanging on every detail, from the gown to the flowers.

What choice should a Princess make for wedding flowers? The floral arrangement for a Royal wedding of this magnitude will set the trend for years to come. No doubt, every blushing bride will be stirred to create their own royal bouquet.

For any bride and groom, choosing the right arrangement of flowers is a fundamentally important part of the wedding planning. For a royal wedding, especially one that could be the British wedding of the century, the right flowers are even more important. Floral bouquets reflect the bride’s sense of style as well as invoking a sense of grace and elegance to the event. Flowers quite often create the atmosphere, be it traditional and romantic or bold and modern.

Wedding flowers are more than just bouquets. They are used to adorn the lapels of the gentlemen in the service, as well as to denote special guests. Candelabra’s and table decorations quite often use flowers as a focal point to enhance the mood for the event.

Any celebrity wedding will certainly have florists stocking their coolers with similar arrangements for summer weddings. When a well known person marries and photos showing her bouquet are released after the big day, replicas of her arrangement will likely be the hottest pick of the season.

British royal weddings have a long standing tradition that often incorporates protocol with personality, with many brides using flowers in symbolic tributes on their gowns. A Royal bride may choose to include the national flower of Wales, the daffodil, as part of her train on her gown or as part of her bouquet. Traditional favourites for royal wedding flowers include lily of the valley.

One thing most do agree upon; future Princesses will undoubtedly follow the tradition of surrendering her flower bouquet to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier after the service. This heartfelt gesture began with the Queen Mother, who lost two brothers in World War One, and has been carried on by many royals since, including Princess Diana.

As for the bouquet, we all must simply wait and see which beautiful flowers will grace the British royal weddings of the future, as Royal Princesses set new and modern trends for the world to follow.

Extra-Ordinary Wedding Themes to Spice Up Your Marriage

Getting married is definitely a moment worth treasuring forever. You want to capture the glorious day so you can go back to that event as long as you want. The only way you can revisit the magical moment is if you capture it in videos or photographs. This is why getting just about any photographer is not enough. You need to look for expert photographers with a good eye for details so each moment makes its way into their lenses.

Wedding pictures have long been part of the wedding tradition. For years, the only thing different is the type of camera available to photographers. Thanks to modern technology, more choices are available for photographers to capture the beauty and solemnity of a wedding. More than the camera though, it is important for photographers to make sure they don’t miss any breathtaking moment.

Nowadays, traditional wedding themes take a backseat over more novel wedding trends. Couples are now becoming more adventurous in their search for the perfect wedding theme and locations before exchanging vows of love and forever. If you are in the lookout for things to spice up your wedding and to make the event more extraordinary, here are some suggestions to think about:

Fairy Tale Wedding

Make your fairy tale wedding a reality by getting married like princes and princesses in classic fairy tale stories. Choose your favourite and add your own twist to make your own wedding stand out. Your wedding can truly become unbelievable as you and your entourage relieve the beauty and the magic of fairy tales. Work with expert wedding photographers to make the event even more memorable.

Under the Sea

Relieve the legends of Atlantis and cook up your own under the sea wedding. Brides can dress up like a sea siren while grooms can be the king of the sea. This can work perfectly for locations such as the beach or on board a vessel over bodies of water. Deck you venue with seashells and other colourful replicas of sea creatures to complete the effect.

World War Wedding Theme

Bring romance to brand-new heights by dressing up like war-torn lovers. The bride can dress up like a nurse while the groom plays the young soldier at war. You do not have to bring your wedding to a military aviation, as you can bring your creativity out or work with a reputable wedding planner to accomplish the effect. Do this and your wedding can truly be an occasion to remember.

Wedding Traditions and Ceremonies

Previously this was one of the bride’s wedding shoes. It is aimed towards her unmarried female guests. Legend has it that the person who catches the bouquet will be the next one to marry. Another tradition still upheld in some places, although I have not personally witnessed this, is the groom removing one of the bride’s garters and tossing it over his shoulder towards the group of his unmarried male guests. These are just two of the many traditions practiced during and after the wedding ceremony.

One of the more important traditions at any wedding is the wedding flowers. Most brides choose flowers because they hold romantic connotations for them. Traditionally, however, certain flowers were intended to mean something. The Victorians were particularly well-versed in the language of flowers and used this language as much as possible. As an example, Calla Lily, which is available during the spring and summer, is symbolic of magnificent beauty. Tulips, widely available in the spring, are symbolic of love as are roses which still retain their unique place as the most popular flowers for weddings. Carnations have different meanings according to their colour, with red symbolising love, white stands for ability and pink represents daring. The little white flowers that are often seen to fill wedding bouquets, called Baby’s Breath, represent innocence.

It is hoped that everyone has a great time at the wedding reception despite the many different styles of reception. Some couples aim for tradition and others for contemporary but, regardless what the style is, it needs to be planned to prevent everything crumbling at the last minute. You do need a timetable which needs to be kept to – no matter how demanding the photographer is. If the reception starts late, you will carry on running behind and never quite catch up. If you are having a day-time reception followed by an evening ‘do’ running late will cause absolute havoc with your carefully laid plans. Weddings should be about romance and, for your wedding to be an event to be remembered, it is on romance that a wedding reception needs to be focused.

My youngest son’s wedding in August last year was certainly no expensive affair but it did have the factor that made his wedding memorable – romance. He was in his regiment’s full dress uniform which is quite spectacular in its own right. During the speeches, however, our son took the microphone over himself and thanked all the guests for making his day special. He then thanked both sets of parents for all the assistance given to him and his bride, then finished off his speech by toasting his bride and thanking her for agreeing to be his wife and acknowledging that he understood how difficult it would be for her to be the wife of a soldier. The bride responded by bursting into tears!