A Roadmap to Successful Wedding Photography

There are a lot of important things that must be covered by someone who is planning to engage in Richmond wedding photography. Here is a rundown of the secrets to success of a fledgling Richmond VA wedding photographer. It is important to remember that the success of someone who is planning to pursue a career as a professional wedding photographer is largely dependent on the amount of preparation that one makes before starting in the business of wedding photography.

Invest in the perfect and appropriate camera and lighting equipment. These are obviously the most critical elements of the wedding photography besides you. Make a comprehensive research on the available cameras in the market and check out the features of each. You can also check out for some useful tips and information in the Web for those latest camera gadgets that are available in the market. There are also a lot of sites that provide some useful tips and information from professional wedding photographers. The most important things that you should consider when making your choice are the features and functionality these cameras offer.

A competent wedding photographer must also be familiar with his or her surroundings. Just like a soldier who must be able to see clearly the terrain, a competent wedding photographer must be able to process the essentials and important characteristics of all the locations related to the wedding celebration. A professional wedding photographer should not concentrate his attention on his subjects. He must also carefully consider the surroundings and the background in the shots that he is taking. The surroundings are as important as the subjects themselves as they are part of the drama and the highlights that you want to convey in the shots that you are taking.

It is also important to be conscious about the glare created by subjects wearing eyeglasses. Make sure that your camera angles are made while considering the subjects with eyeglasses. In such a case, you may ask your subject to adjust his pose in order to avoid this big bright spot from showing in the pictures that you take.

A professional wedding photographer normally plays out the entire proceedings in his mind and makes notations of the highlights and critical points of the wedding celebration. It is important that you are always a step ahead of everything; making sure that you are already settled and ready to take shots way before an important highlight unfolds in front of you. This is easily one of the most critical aspects in the performance of a competent wedding photographer.

One must be able to have to eye for the drama and highlights of the event. In some instances a professional wedding photographer would even have his assistant taking shots of the same event from a different position in order to achieve the desired effect. In other situations, the wedding photographer would use more than one camera in order to capture a stream of shots of a critical portion of the wedding event.

These wedding photography tips are just some of the important things that you must consider in order to become a competent wedding photographer.

Wedding Shoe Customs And Rituals

Traditions surrounding wedding shoes go back generations. Behind the various shoe customs there is some confusion and it’s often difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. This article aims to unlace the background surrounding wedding footwear and explain some of the reasoning behind the many rituals.

Shoes at a wedding bring good luck. True or false?

There was a time when it was said that if a pair of new shoes was brought into a house and put on a table, then members of that household would suffer in some way. Opinions varied about the level of discomfort and ranged from quarrelling, to predictions about never marrying, and at the worse that there would be a death in the family. And yet it was also said that newly weds would live happily ever after if a replica of a shoe was put on top of their wedding cake. So why was a table top unlucky, but the top of a wedding cake the exact opposite?

The expected bad luck surrounding putting new shoes on a table was taken seriously and, when one of the Duke of Wellington’s servants did just that, he was instantly dismissed. Perhaps this was understandable because soldiers were always wary of anything which might speed their end. Could it be that by putting a shoe on top of a wedding cake you were sending or receiving a subtle message that marriage could be a lifetime’s battleground?

Certainly determining who would be the dominant partner in a marriage was considered to be very important and it was held that whoever was first to put their left foot over the doorstep of the marital home would rule the roost. And that’s probably the reason why a bridegroom picked up his bride and carried her into the house, thereby ensuring that her feet couldn’t touch the floor before his. Mind you, there were ways that a woman could regain the upper hand (or should that be foot?) and once again, it was shoes which gave her the opportunity. If she took off her husband’s shoes on their wedding night then she would be the dominant partner.

But we’re getting off the point of putting a replica shoe on the wedding cake. Now, until the day she was married, a daughter was her father’s responsibility. To symbolise that he had passed over this role to his new son-in-law, the bride’s father threw a shoe to the groom. There are passages in the Bible which say that throwing a shoe was a recognised way of surrendering a right of ownership. However, there’s no written evidence of this happening at weddings before the 1830s, so why did shoe throwing suddenly begin? It’s possible that it was confused with throwing shoes after those who were setting off on a journey in order to give them good luck and there is stacks of written evidence from the sixteenth century onwards about this. Horseshoes are often tied to the car which takes the married couple away from their wedding reception and this is a direct link with throwing shoes at those beginning a new venture.

Overall, it would seem that the wedding cake shoe is a remnant of a number of customs and superstitions which have become muddled over the years. But does it matter where the idea came from when its overriding purpose is to wish good luck to the newly-weds. So, whether your wedding cake is a traditional, tiered and iced fruit cake, a cupcake confection or even a contemporary cake made from rounds of cheese, remember to give pride of place to a replica shoe just as generations of brides and grooms before you have done.

Leave the Hassles of Wedding Planning to an Experienced Wedding Planner

Every bride looks forward to wedding planning. Depending on the personality, culture, background and preference of the clients, the excitement is always there during the planning phase. In spite of the hassles associated with the wedding planning, some couples tend to enjoy the affair. However, for the couples who are too busy to derive time from their tight schedules, consulting a wedding planner is the best choice. The professional wedding planners help the couples to outsource all their responsibilities associated with arranging a marriage and stay in peace.

Planning a marriage reception, as stated above, involves a lot of effort and time. If you are not organized, you will not be able to arrange a wedding properly. In this instance, you might find nothing finalized on the marriage day. Wedding planners happen to be the soldiers of the marriage industry. They put all their efforts to ensure that their clients have grand weddings in an affordable budget. The wedding planners usually have great contacts. They use their contacts to help you have on your wedding budget. The reputed wedding planners have good relationships with chefs, catering service professionals, florists and decorators that help them get you discount on these services.

Over the last few years, availing the services of a professional wedding planner has turned out to be a necessity than a fashion. Gone are the days when most of the people used to hire wedding planning services to exhibit their aristocracy. However, now, in this age of competition, people appoint wedding planners to save their precious time. Moreover, with the rise of websites, magazines and wedding blogs, the brides experience an increased pressure to be with the present wedding trends.

Arranging a wedding is all about operating within a budget and being highly organized. The professional planners need to keep up within the latest trends in wedding planning and should have the ability to meet the requirements of their clients. Let us focus on the services that people expect from a professional event management company. It is recommended to reach out multiple wedding management agencies before making the final choice.

Do you want your wedding planner to get involved in the entire marriage arrangement? Do you want the professional to stretch his helping hand from the moment of the bride and the groom accepts the marriage proposal until they go out for honeymoon? Or are you looking from a wedding planning agency that would jump in at the last moment to help you in arranging the event? No matter what you want, make sure that your chosen agency is able to meet your needs.

Do a thorough research on the internet to find out a reliable event management company that has prior experiences of arranging wedding receptions. You can visit the official website of your chosen company to get information on the services provided by the enterprise. The client testimonials on the website will tell if the agency is reliable.

Male Wedding Rings – Changing Views Over Time

Most women look forward to the day that they will begin wearing a wedding ring. Not only do women enjoy showing off the beautiful ring, but the ring itself brings on new feelings. For example, a woman may begin to experience stability and comfort when she sees the ring on her finger, because the ring symbolizes that she is in a committed relationship. Although women in general have a lot of positive views about wearing a wedding ring, men do not always share the same feelings when it comes to male wedding rings.

Since women are typically the ones that wear jewelry, rings have often been stigmatized as being feminine in the Western society. Men often think that by wearing a ring, you are reducing yourself as a man. Much of this idea is the result of male wedding rings being very new in the Western society. Previously, this Western culture did not make use of jewelry for men.

Around the time of World War II, male wedding rings became much more popular. This was due to soldiers using them as a comforting symbol of what they were fighting for. Knowing that a loved one was back home waiting for them made it much easier for the men to survive the harsh conditions of the war.

Seeing soldiers wearing male wedding rings allowed men to feel much more comfortable with the idea of wedding rings for men. Suddenly there was less stigmatization about the rings being feminine. Now men could be proud to wear the rings and proud of what the male wedding rings symbolized.

Another reason that many men have had difficulty with the idea of wearing male wedding rings is because of what the ring symbolizes. Men typically have a hard time with making a commitment in a relationship. The ring is a constant reminder to the men that they must be committed to their marriage. It is not so much that men are afraid of cheating on their wives, but rather commitment in general is often a scary concept to them.

Some men have a fear of wearing a wedding band ring because they are concerned about it causing a danger. For example, in carpentry and other work, the ring can begin to hurt your finger if you will be using your hands quite a bit. In jobs where the man is at high risk for injury, there have been situations where rings have been smashed on the finger and the only way to remove them has been to cut the ring. Since there is much danger in losing the finger, it may be better not to wear a ring during this type of work.

No matter what your fears may be about wearing male wedding rings, consider sharing them with your spouse or future-spouse. You may be able to come up with a compromise in only wearing the ring at certain times, or you may lose your fears all-together just by talking about them.

Three Things Your Wedding Planner Doesn’t Want You to Know

Wedding planners are the soldiers of the wedding industry. They work hard to make sure that their clients have wonderful weddings, and they aren’t afraid to get dirty while doing it. Your wedding planner can pick out gorgeous floral arrangements and save you 20% on your catering budget because she’s friends with a head chef, but there are some other things about your planner that they’d rather not have you know about.

They may go along with a terrible idea to keep their clients happy

It’s baffling to think that someone would hire a wedding planner and not listen to anything they have to say, but there are a lot of brides who plan their wedding from the ground up and treat their planners like glorified personal assistants. A bride may insist on having an outdoor wedding during the rainy season, or could demand that she has floral arrangements that are way out of her budget, and most of the time their wedding planners will silently nod and make their bad ideas happen. In cases like this most brides don’t want to hear the word “no”, and when they’re set on an idea their planner will make it happen so they can keep their business. You should obviously have a say in how you plan your own wedding, but it’s important to remember that you hired a planning expert for a reason.

They’re probably tired of your mother and mother-in-law

You may not care too much about the lettering of your wedding invitations, but your mom can’t stop going on about how she hates the font. There are a lot of wedding planners who have no problem keeping their bridezilla clients happy, but when it comes to dealing with pushy mothers and mother-in-laws most planners want to tear their hair out. Nobody likes being talked down to, and when wedding planners with 10+ years of experience have a mother giving them a detailed list about everything they hate and would change about the wedding planners have to bite their tongue. Please do your wedding planner a favor and don’t let your mom or mother-in-law boss them around. It’ll keep your planner happy, and they won’t have to worry about pleasing anybody else than the bride.

They’ll keep wedding day snafus a secret from brides

Imagine that you’re a wedding planner that’s getting ready to head over to the reception hall on your client’s big day. Now imagine that as soon as you walk in you notice that the shifty catering staff is casually munching on a piece of your client’s wedding cake, and that you’ve just gotten a text from the DJ you hired saying that he can’t make it today. How would you handle this? A true wedding planner would say that they would devote all of their time and energy to not only fixing the problem, but to also keeping the bride from finding out about the mini emergencies.

It may seem like planners are keeping problems a secret from brides so that they look good, but almost every wedding planner does this for the sake of the bride. No bride wants to hear that something is wrong on her wedding day, and even if the problem is fixed they could be upset and preoccupied about other things possibly going wrong when she should be enjoying her wedding. Your wedding planner didn’t get their cousin to DJ your reception or cut your wedding cake into small pieces to avoid looking bad, they did it to ensure that their client will get the dream day they’ve been helping them plan.