Wedding Traditions and Ceremonies

Previously this was one of the bride’s wedding shoes. It is aimed towards her unmarried female guests. Legend has it that the person who catches the bouquet will be the next one to marry. Another tradition still upheld in some places, although I have not personally witnessed this, is the groom removing one of the bride’s garters and tossing it over his shoulder towards the group of his unmarried male guests. These are just two of the many traditions practiced during and after the wedding ceremony.

One of the more important traditions at any wedding is the wedding flowers. Most brides choose flowers because they hold romantic connotations for them. Traditionally, however, certain flowers were intended to mean something. The Victorians were particularly well-versed in the language of flowers and used this language as much as possible. As an example, Calla Lily, which is available during the spring and summer, is symbolic of magnificent beauty. Tulips, widely available in the spring, are symbolic of love as are roses which still retain their unique place as the most popular flowers for weddings. Carnations have different meanings according to their colour, with red symbolising love, white stands for ability and pink represents daring. The little white flowers that are often seen to fill wedding bouquets, called Baby’s Breath, represent innocence.

It is hoped that everyone has a great time at the wedding reception despite the many different styles of reception. Some couples aim for tradition and others for contemporary but, regardless what the style is, it needs to be planned to prevent everything crumbling at the last minute. You do need a timetable which needs to be kept to – no matter how demanding the photographer is. If the reception starts late, you will carry on running behind and never quite catch up. If you are having a day-time reception followed by an evening ‘do’ running late will cause absolute havoc with your carefully laid plans. Weddings should be about romance and, for your wedding to be an event to be remembered, it is on romance that a wedding reception needs to be focused.

My youngest son’s wedding in August last year was certainly no expensive affair but it did have the factor that made his wedding memorable – romance. He was in his regiment’s full dress uniform which is quite spectacular in its own right. During the speeches, however, our son took the microphone over himself and thanked all the guests for making his day special. He then thanked both sets of parents for all the assistance given to him and his bride, then finished off his speech by toasting his bride and thanking her for agreeing to be his wife and acknowledging that he understood how difficult it would be for her to be the wife of a soldier. The bride responded by bursting into tears!